C Solved Programs

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C programs

  1. Hello World Program in C
  2. Print 1 to 100 numbers in C
  3. C program to print alphabets
  4. Factorial of a Number
  5. C program to calculate Fibonacci Series 
  6. C program to check year is a leap year or not
  7. Check Given string is Palindrome string using a string function
  8. Infix to postfix conversion using stack
  9. Infix to prefix using stack
  10. C Program to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and Fahrenheit to Kelvin
  11. C programs to print alphabetic patterns 
  12. C programs to print number pattern
  13. C program to remove vowels from a string
  14. C program to count occurrences of a word in a string
  15. C Program to Calculate Permutation and Combination
  16. C program for priority queue
  17. Calculator program in C
  18. C Program to Convert Days into Years, Weeks and Days
  19. C program to check whether a number is even or odd 
  20. Love calculator program in C
  21. C Program to print odd numbers till N
  22. C Program to Reverse a Number
  23. C Program to Convert String Lowercase to Uppercase And Vice Versa without using string function
  24. C Program to find sum of all digits in number
  25. C program swap two numbers
  26. C program to check person is eligible for voting or not
  27. C Program to Implement a TIC TAC TOE game
  28. C program for addition of two numbers
  29. C Program to Calculate Gross Salary
  30. C program to count the number of vowels in string
  31. C program to Compare Two Strings without using strcmp()
  32. C Program to swap two numbers without using third variable
  33. C program to Concatenate Two Strings without using strcat()
  34. C program to check whether entered character is vowel or not
  35. Program to find character frequency in string
  36. C program to multiply two numbers without using multiplication operator
  37. C Program to Check Whether a Number is Palindrome or Not
  38. C Program to Check Whether a Number is Prime or not
  39. Program to find length of string in c
  40. Program for String reverse without using string function
  41. C program to find sum of n numbers
  42. C program to find area of different shapes
  43. C program to check whether number is Armstrong number or not
  44. Program to print Armstrong numbers between 1 to 1000
  45. C program to find average of N numbers using an array
  46. C program to find compound interest
  47. C program to count number of white spaces in string
  48. Program for factorial using recursion
  49. C program to find the frequency of occurrence of digit in the given number
  50. C program to find simple interest
  51. C program to compare two strings using strcmp 
  52. C program to find length of the string using strlen
  53. C program to reverse a string using strrev 
  54. C program to swap two strings in c
  55. C Program to sort names in alphabetical order
  56. C program to find maximum and minimum element in an array
  57. C program to print prime numbers till N
  58. C program to find sum of positive and negative numbers
  59. C program to convert upper to lower case and vice versa using a string function
  60. C Program to Insert an Element in a Specified Position in a given Array
  61. Linear search program in c
  62. Binary search program in c
  63. C program to sort array in ascending order
  64. C program to sort array in descending order
  65. Bubble sort program in c
  66. Selection sort program in c
  67. Fibonacci series Using recursion in C
  68. C Program to Find the Largest Two Numbers in a given Array 
  69. C program to merge two arrays
  70. Program to reverse array in c 
  71. C program to separate even and odd numbers in array
  72. Decimal to binary conversion in c
  73. C program for matrix addition
  74. C program for matrix subtraction
  75. C program for matrix multiplication
  76. C program for matrix transpose
  77. C program for Tower of Hanoi