Simple interest program in c is a simple mathematical equation solving program to calculate simple interest.

What is Simple Interest?
Simple interest: Simple interest is the method of finding the interest charges on loan. Simple interest is determined by multiplying interest rate, principal and number of days.

Simple Interest formula
Simple interest = (rate * principal * no of days)/100
Where the principal is the principal amount to be invested
Rate is the interest rate in percentage
And no of days is a time period for the investment.

Example :-
Principal = 1200
Rate = 4.6
Time = 2
Simple interest = (1200 * 4.6 * 2)/100
Simple interest = 110.4

Algorithm for simple interest program in c

  1. Declare variable
  2. Take input principal, rate and time from user
  3. Calculate simple interest
    Simple interest = (rate * principal * no of days)/100
  4. Print simple interest

C program to find simple interest




float p,r,t,simpleInterest;

printf("Enter Pricipal\n");

printf("Enter Rate in percentage \n");


printf("Enter Time in years(decimals)\n");


printf("Simple Interest is %f\n",simpleInterest);


Output :

Simple interest program in c

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